Life Events

Merry Christmas Everybody (2015)

It’s required when driving anywhere significant to get a picture by the state sign!!! So my friends that drove with us all jumped in for a picture! Kegan thinks its cheesy which is why he took the photo…
     My husband and I surprised my family by driving out to Colorado for Christmas!!! I managed to get work off but thought a surprise would be a great early gift! When we walked into the house, my mom couldn’t process what we were doing there. She kept asking, “how are you here?” haha it was a success!!!
     One of the days we drove up to Winter Park for the giant sledding hill. It was snowing and the mountain side was covered in a beautiful layer of soft snow. It was beautiful and my husband fell in love with the Colorado Rockies!!! Sledding was such a blast! The best part is that they have a pulley system to drag you up the hill while sitting in your sled! You can sled for hours and never get tired!!!


      We always do dinner on Christmas Eve with some close family friends and then on Christmas day we have a huge family breakast. Later that day, after gifts, we go over to the Stahleckers (family friends) for what we call Cheese Fest! It is a ton of different, exotic, nasty cheeses with crackers, meats, and desserts. There are some truly nast cheeses in the world… I can still smell some of them… I forced all my siblings to take pictures with me too so they are terrible quality but I had to add them! It’s family!!






We have a tradition in my house! EVERY Christmas Eve growing up, my siblings and I all slept in the same room! That way we all got up together to open presents! Well… just because I got married didn’t mean this tradition wasn’t going to continue! They slept on my floor!




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