Life Events

4th of July

 Oh it’s the BEST time of year!!!! The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday of the year! Why? Oh you know, because it is so chill! I love getting to have a nice BBQ with the family, watch the parades, swim and play all day, and then watch the most spectacular show of fireworks EVER! My husbands family has a huge 4th of July party every year but this year we missed it 😦 so his parents flew down to visit us in Dallas and spend the holiday with us!!! We explored a couple of areas and we had an absolute blast! Sadly, I must admit, the Idaho Falls firework show is wayyyyyy better than Dallas but it was still amazing!
      So when they first got there we decided to take a trip to good ol’ Waco Texas. Anyone heard of the show Fixer Upper? Well if you haven’t, you are truly missing out! Chip and Joana Gaines are these TV show stars in Waco for taking an old home and making it look brand new! They have a place called Magnolia at the Silos so customers can come and buy decorations inspired by the show!

We also decided to visit the Dallas Cowboys stadium. When we showed up, they just so happened to be giving free tours of the entire stadium!!!! We got to walk on the field, visit the cheerleaders locker rooms, and even walk through the players locker room! Now don’t get me wrong, I am 100% a DENVER BRONCOS fan but it was still pretty cool!!!!
 In downtown Dallas there is a burger joint that is a MUST VISIT kind of place!! All of their items re local grown or butchered. They have incredible fries…. seriously the best burgers I have ever had!!!! They also have a pretty cool array of soda’s to try! It’s called Hopdoddy’s!!!! Get your butt over there if you are ever in town!!!!

Also, I found out Waco has a giant Dr Pepper museum since I guess it was made there first! Pretty cool little place even if I dislike that soda… I am more of a Pepsi/Coca Cola person!!!

 *photos have been deleted due to content containing people who no longer wish to be featured on my blog



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