Life Events

Another Reception…

  Back in good ol’ Idaho… Sadly our time in Maui had to end and we had to fly back to Idaho. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of getting back to into the norm but realistically, who is? We had another reception to attend since Kegan is from Idaho Falls and we wanted to get to celebrate with the people he grew up with as well.
   My grandma and my aunt Barb on my dads side drove all the way over from Seattle to decorate for me! How amazing is that? I am the oldest grandchild on that side so I think they got really excited but I was still super  honored and grateful for that! My aunt owns a company in the Seattle area that decorates for events called A Tailored Affair! The reception was in my husbands parents backyard so we got a tent and enjoyed the warm weather!
    My colors were gold, ivory, blush pink, and plum! I loved having a dramatic pop of color with all the neutrals! We used a little green with the flowers but not much! I also added gold to my color scheme but here is what I based it off. I found this on Pinterest!
      We had a sign in table with a bunch of little heart cut outs that people could sign and pin in our shadow box! It looks so cute and I loved not having a traditional sign in book!
      We had Signature Party and Event cater the food and my oh my it was delicious!!! They made little mini croissant sandwiches and another tortilla sandwich thing that were so yummy! For desserts they made fruit tarts, mint brownies, and lemon bars. We also had a candy bar so people could fill a bag with a variety of treats and take them home! That was a huge hit with the kids! Poor parents probably had some really hyper children…

     The sign says “Love is Sweet, Take a Treat!” I had to have my peach rings on that table! Those are my favorite candies!!! My dad raised me on those things and I have an unhealthy love for them… We also had some Canadian candies on the table to represent Kegan’s family.
      My husbands mom has a friend named Kim. Kim and her mom Gale drove down from Canada to come support us. Kim is an amazing baker! If I lived with her I would easily be 500 lbs! Not only are her treats delicious, they look amazing! She could open up her own bakery if she wanted! She offerend to make my cake and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it turned out! She spent so much time on it and I am so grateful she took that time to do that for us.
     I really can’t put into words how amazing Kim and her mom Gale are. They are hilarious and truly know how to have a good time! Kim even bought us girls (my  mother in law, her, and I) matching Olaf footie pajamas! I only knew her for a week but I already think of her as family! I just need her to come back for another visit to learn her baking/decorating skills! They did so much for Kegan and I and I don’t feel like I could ever repay them! Thank you Kim and Gale! We love you soooo much!
     My grandma on my dads side made my bouquet and I was so happy with how beautiful it turned out!



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