Life Events

Christmas 2017

Okay so I cried a little bit this year… I didn’t spend this Christmas with my family! It was bitter sweet but I did get to spend the holiday with my other amazing family!

My in laws are hilarious! Christmas Eve is a special family event! We went to this big, fancy barn and had a giant family dinner with their traditional games. Grandma has a story she tells the children EVERY year and it was super sweet to watch her get so excited and animated about something she loves! Dinner was amazing and I even met some family I didn’t know yet!

Christmas day I was woken up at 6:20 in the morning… For those who know me, I am NOT a morning person. I have no idea why people insist on opening presents at the crack of dawn… we have the ENTIRE day to relax and enjoy family and presents! In a perfect world I wouldn’t wake up until 8 for presents. I just feel bad for the family… morning Sydney is NOT a pretty Sydney! Or a friendly Sydney. I just don’t like to talk to people until I have brushed my hair and teeth and freshened up a bit!

Christmas Day was so snowy, church was cancelled… We could barely drive down the street to visit the rest of the family! We bundled up and tried to go for a snowmobile ride but the snow was so powdery, we couldn’t get anywhere!!!


Have you ever played that game where you put those dentist mouth things in your mouth and try to say words? We played on Christmas Day with the family and I couldn’t stop laughing!!! Bradyn and I decided to take it one step further and use the snapchat filter to face swap… How HORRIBLE is this?!?! Don’t kill me for posting this Bradyn!


I just HAD to post this!!! Jeni, from work, made each of us Root Deers! How clever is that?!?!?! Gosh I love her!


Jeni, and her son Taylor, tried to reset my background on my phone so I decided to post it and embarrass her 😉



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