Life Events

Salty air, Sun Kissed Hair

About a month and a half into my relationship with my husband, he invited me to join his family on their Spring Break trip to Kauai!!!! Since I had never been I jumped on the opportunity! I bought my plane ticket the following week! We had 2 month until the trip… only then did I realize that I could have the most expensive breakup in my life…. Who buys a plane ticket to Hawaii with a guy and his family after a month?!?! Crazy people…. So me…
    I can’t even begin to explain how amazing that trip was! The food alone (food makes me happy) was to die for! The Kalua pork still makes me drool just thinking about it! I was in paradise with all the fresh fruit and warm beaches! Also fell in love with this little food joint called Bubba’s Burgers. Its a burger joint and we ate there at least 3 times! I couldn’t get enough of it!
     We stayed at the Plantatio at Princeville in Northern Kauai and I would highly recommend it! It is a great location. The condo we stayed in was beautiful and had everything we needed! It is right next to some amazing beaches and food joints! We took a kayaking trip with Ali’i Kayaks and Watersports! They are located in Kapaa, HI and have so many options! They offer kayak trips with a guide where they take you to a secret waterfall where you can swim and have lunch! If you are in the area and want to do something like this, call at least 3 days ahead of time! That way it is much cheaper. If you book 3 days in advance its $39.95 per person but if you wait, its $59.95 a person! It was beautiful and we had the best guide!!!! Thank you Ali’i Kayaks & Watersports for such a great time!
 I couldn’t go to the beach and not get a fruity drink (non-alcoholic of course)!!!!
 I know these aren’t the best flower pictures but I couldn’t believe how gorgeous they all were!!!!
My husband and I attended a luau one night. It’s called Smith’s luau and I can’t give them enough credit! Everything about that night was magical. The food was perfect, the performances afterwards were spectacular! They were the nicest people and truly knew how to put on a show!
We also hiked up on the Kalalau Trail. I think I could live there forever! I think I understand how everyone there is so calm and peaceful. How can you not be when life is so simple there?!



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