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Girl’s Day Out!

   So the company my husband works Aptive Environmental. And they do a lot to keep their employees motivated! One thing I admire about them is that they also do things for the wives. They give us wives challenges or things to do, as a group, to get us connected to each other and get us out into the cities we are in for the summer. The first challenge was to create a video of our city to showcase it and we would get a reward in return. So the wives and I explored some pretty dang cool places!
This is the Dallas Farmers Market! They have this building which has a ton of food vendors and other items like decorations. They also have a building called The Shed which is where all the local farmers bring their fresh produce to sell. The smells are to die for!!!!!! Such a fun atmosphere to hang out and grab lunch or dinner at!

 I tried to get artsy and take a cool picture…. and it didn’t turn out terrible haha so here it is!

 Okay so my favorite part about exploring this city was of course the CUPCAKES!!!!! Have you ever heard of Sprinkles Cupcakes? Oh man are they yummy! They also have ice cream but I was feeling the cupcakes!

 Sooooooo they have what they call a Cupcake ATM where you pick you flavor, pay, and watch as your cupcake is selected and brought to the box where you pick it up! Super convenient for those who don’t want to wait in line inside the store! However, my friends and I were soooooo flippin’ excited to use the ATM and one of the husbands ruined it by saying “so its basically a vending machine for cupcakes?” haha he is totally right but it’s so much more fun to call it an ATM!!!

 My new friend Jordan Casper 🙂 Love this cute girl!

 I got a key lime cupcake and she got chocolate!!!! DELICIOUS!!!!



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