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Warning: this will be mushy and long!
     August 29, 2015! BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Man how did I get so lucky? I married the most amazing man I have ever met! He is so good to me and loves me and makes me laugh all the time! I know I made the best decision by saying yes to him! We got married in the Manti Utah temple. I chose that temple because it was between Idaho (where he is from) and Colorado (where I am from) and because it is where my parents were married. I always loved how castle like Manti temple looked and thought it was kind of romantic getting married in the same temple as my parents!
     Also, huge shoutout to the best photographer!! Check her out!! Kelli Mortensen (Facebook link) at Kelli Dee Photography! She did an amazing job! Thank you Kelli 🙂


     I want to share with you the thoughts and feelings I had that day because it was such a special day!
     I woke up pretty dang early that day to get ready! My cousin Paige did my makeup (beautifully I might add) and my aunt Charlene did my hair (also amazing!). My husband came a picked me up to make the 2 hour drive down to the Manti Temple. We talked a little but I was so nervous the whole time so I wasn’t as chatty as I usually am! The whole time I was heading up there I kept thinking about what I was doing. I was getting married to him for time and all eternity. I was trying to picture what we would be like in 10 or 15 years. I was so excited but slightly freaking out because this is the biggest decision I will ever make. The decision to get married affects your whole future. In the car ride up there I just had to keep reminding myself that I knew he was the man I was supposed to be with and that I was making the right decision. I was also a little intimidated by the idea of getting sealed because I had no clue what to expect. I was endowed the day before my wedding (if you are not mormon, it is a sacred ordinance made in the temple) and I was still taking everything in. When we got within eyesight of the temple I started panicking… haha not a good sign for most but it was a combo of fear and excitment. The second I stepped into the temple and got in the bride’s room (I had it all to myself!) I was calmed significantly. My mom and aunt came to sit with me as I waited to be brought to my husband and I couldn’t be more excited to be with him!
      My husband and I were taken to the sealing room with the sealer before our guests were invited in. It was peaceful being able to sit in there with my soon to be husband. A couple minutes later our quests walked into the sealing room. We had our guests wear all white (temple whites). Our sealer was pretty old so he called my husband “Brother Houser” which was my last name and everyone giggled a little. We got to the altar and I was kneeling across from my husband. I was so nervous I would speak to soon or too late so I tried really hard to focus on what the sealer was saying. My husband was beaming. His smile was the biggest I have ever seen it. I could barely look at him because I was trying so hard not to cry! Once we said “yes” (mormons don’t say I Do) the sealer let us kiss! He even made the comment, “you call that a kiss?” haha so we kissed a couple times. We then stood by the door and let our guests leave first so we could say thank you for coming and they said their congratulations! My mom then helped me back in the brides room get into my dress and ready to take pictures.
       My husband and I exchanged our rings privately! Maybe it’s just me but I loved finally seeing a ring on his hand! Like “yeah that’s my man! Back off ladies!!” We then walked out of the temple together. As we raised our hands in excitement, he lifted the hem of my dress up with him haha which could have been awkward if people were behind us!
     Photos took about 4 hours and by the time we were done, we had to rush to our BBQ. We went really laid back and just did a family BBQ that night! It was so much easier because it had already been a long day and I was tired! On our way we stopped by McDonalds because neither of us had had any food since 8 am and it was now 4 pm… I was about to get HANGRY!
     The BBQ was sweet! My husbands parents read a letter from his brother that he wrote for our wedding day and we were all in tears! Then his little cousin played us a song on the violin and it was beautiful. I was on cloud 9! It was the best day of my life even if I was panicking! I made the best decision and I will always stand by that!
 My gorgeous cousin Paige!! She did my makeup and one day she will be a makeup artist!!!
 My darling friend Stephanie! She keeps me goofy 🙂
 My sister and I really love each other… like a lot
 My beautiful bridesmaids! Missing a few that couldn’t make it 😦

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