Life Events

Lexee and Jason

 I have a friend named Lexee. She and I have known each other since 8th grade when we were total geeks and thought we were cute… We weren’t… We roomed together in college every semester for 2 years! People thought we were sisters because we were always with each other. I am pretty sure the only time I didn’t see her was when one of us was in the bathroom… I mean we took every class together! She’s my other half! We laugh every time we are with each other and I can tell her anything! You know those friends that you just know you’re meant to be friends? Like soulmates but with a friend? That’s what she is!
     Jason has an older brother named Ryan. Ryan and I met at a singles activity a year before we went up to college. So Ryan happened to be in Rexburg visiting and invited Lexee and I to join them at some hot springs! After that, Jason and Lexee just kind of never seperated! The two got married in April in the Bountiful, UT LDS temple. I am so honored that she asked me to be a bridesmaid! Of course I was going to be one!
      I wish them the best of luck in their marriage and hope they continue to bring happiness to each other each and every day! Love you Lex!!!





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