Life Events

Marketplace Shenanigans

I am pretty sure I have mentioned it a thousand times but I love working at Marketplace Home Furnishings! I have the best coworkers EVER! Sorry if you think you have better coworkers because honestly… you just can’t beat mine!

One day, I show up to work wearing a black t-shirt and camo pants! I felt like wearing something comfy and this is what I chose. As you can see… Casey also wanted to dress comfy and wore the EXACT same outfit as me… As if people already didn’t think we were sisters (everyone asks if we are! Weird)!!!


Oh we have nicknames at work! So this is Casey but we call her Big Booty Judy 😉 she’s a catch!!!!


This is my adoptive (not really) mother! No one could remember her name when she first started there so her nickname is Jeri… I have no clue why haha! This lady is the most selfless woman out there! She just gives and gives and is always so extremely positive! She makes me laugh daily and brightens even the most miserable of days!

FUNNY STORY: Casey and I decided to play a prank on Jeni! We took this photo and one other and printed out 12 copies… we then replaced the photos in 12 frames with her pictures! She came in to work that day around noon and we trailed her until she noticed… It took her 2 hours to notice and when she did, she did NOT disappoint 😉 Oh man that was a hoot! So far, we have sold 5 picture frames with her face in them!!!



Because we matched, we decided to do a photo shoot… I promise we did work too Sue!!!!


SEE!!! Working!!! We do the heavy lifting since the guys are never around… why do we even pay them??



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