Life Events

Maui Waui

  Colorado was great and all but we didn’t want our honeymoon to be with my parents and siblings… So we flew to Maui 🙂 I must say I loved going to Hawaii twice in one year! My family was a little green with envy but I was too happy to notice! We stayed in West Maui at a condo right on the beach! This was our view from our balcony!
    Day one we decided to search for that Heart Rock that is posted all of Pinterest! It was a little hard to recognize but we found it! And it was right next to an awesome blow hole thing (what are those called?) so we climbed around and watched that happen! Heart rock looks like it is being worn away a little bit but I wouldn’t know since it was my first time seeing it!
     Since we suck at photography we got the picture after the hole already blew all the water out…
      We swam and snorkeled at Kapalua Bay just for fun one day and as we were swimming, 3 giant turtles swam right up to us next to the beach! So of course we followed them for a solid 15 minutes! It was probably the coolest thing I have ever done (yes my life is a little boring) and I instantly regretted not owning a GoPro! Such a gorgeous beach!!! If you are looking for snorkel gear, check out The Snorkel Store!
      One of the days we were just driving around looking for a cool place to relax and we passed a group of cars just parked on the side of the road. So we pulled off to check it out and it ended up being a super awesome beach! I have no idea what it was called but it was not crowded at all and had the perfect boogie boarding waves! I am going to admit a sad fact… I am a little afraid of the ocean… mainly the waves… I loved snorkeling and would do that all day every day if I could! I am just a little afraid of getting sucked under and tumbling under the water. It’s not a good feeling…
    To get to the beach you walk down a path that literally looks like you are walking in a scene from Jurassic Park jungles!
    We went and snorkeled at this beach called Namalu Bay and it was pretty cool! The beach is pretty rocky so it’s not one I would recommend lounging at but it was the perfect cove for exploring the reef! As we were swimming my husband kicked some reef with his foot and it tore the skin off… Since I was swimming behind him I could see the blood and skin trailing behind him… Super gross! And since I like being dramatic, I made him swim back to shore just in case sharks decided to come sniffing around 😉
       One of the last days we were there we went on a boat expedition to that crescent moon shaped island with a company called Pride of Maui to snorkel and see some more turtles! We did not see one dang turtle… It was a complete waste of money and on the boat ride back to Maui we both got really sea sick… Thank goodness some nice older ladies gave us some dramamine to help us out! I will say that the company had a great crew but we were both really let down.

      The last day, before we headed to the airport, we drove along the Road to Hana and went exploring! We found a super secluded, quiet spot and took in the last few hours of our trip! It was a trip I will never forget and I loved spending it with my brand new husband 🙂



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