Life Events

My Birthday :)

So technically I celebrated my birthday a week earlier than in my last post because I happened to be visiting my family in Colorado! I have a friend named Stephanie (I went to her wedding) who decided a couple years ago to start a birthday tradition with me! She decided that we should celebrate out birthdays together if I come home during the year at some point! So this year, it was actually pretty close to my birthday! We are 8 years apart so when we buy candles, we pick an age somewhere between our ages! This year we turned 25 haha. We celebrated with super yummy cupcakes, s’mores (obviously a favorite of mine), and movie theater popcorn (my favorite food EVER)! We watched a movie projected onto my house by the fire and invited friends over 🙂 I must say, I love being with my family! They know how to throw the perfect party for me! Low key and with all my favorite people! Sadly, Kegan wasn’t there since he had work back in Texas!

 In these 2 pictures, we have my mom, Stephanie, and my baby sister Cami 🙂



 That’s my youngest brother Ethan trying to sneak into our picture 🙂 I think we all look alike in some ways don’t you?

 Yeah…. we don’t always take the best photos hahahaha


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