Life Events

The Old Stomping Grounds

Soooooo I know this is kind of awkward since we just got married but the day after we sealed the deal… we drove to Colorado and spent the week at my parents house… Let’s just say I don’t recommend that to anyone…

     I was however excited to show him around my stomping grounds! I took him downtown to 16Th Street Mall because that is a must do while there! My dad works down there and we got to meet up with him for lunch and shop at H&M!
    My mom also thought it was a good idea to take us to the Manitou Incline… Man that hike is HARD! It’s located in Manitou Springs near Colorado Springs. The incline is 2,744 steps made entirely of railroad ties. It’s only a mile long but it’s a 2,000 foot climb in elevation… Brutal!!

  We also went and hiked around Red Rocks! So much fun and so beautiful!!

     That Thursday we had an open house at my house with desserts for everyone I know from Colorado to come meet my husband and say hi! It turned out really well and I am so grateful for those who took the time to come! My husband enjoyed hearing everyone tell him how lucky he is 😉



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