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 I love Halloween!!!! Well holidays in general… basically I will take any reason to celebrate!!! So my husband and I decided to throw a Halloween Party! Our friends Jess and Preston wanted to dress up so the 4 of us tried to come up with some clever costumes… it ended in the boys wanting to match so Jess and I were left to our own devices… and we love creepy!! Halloween should be creepy right? Everyone tries to look all cute and girly but I like the traditional scary stuff!
     We found some super cheap scrubs (I’m talking $3 here) and decided for a zombie nurse outfit! Zombies are all the rage right now and I was really hoping to try out some cool makeup! We spent a total of 12 hours working on our makeup… haha pathetic but soooo worth every second! People loved it!
   The party was so much fun! We had lots of treats, homemade root beer, games, and of course the traditional scary movie! We watched the new Poltergeist and it was a serious let down…
        (I included how to do the makeup under the pictures if you want to try it out)

 Things you will need:
Liquid Latex
Fake Blood
Spirit Gum (looks like clear nail polish)
Toilet Paper
Fake Clear/white toenails (for teeth)
Black face paint
Step 1: apply a couple layers of liquid latex to the parts of the face you want to “rip” open. Let each layer dry before adding a new coat
Step 2: apply a layer of toilet paper and then cover with more latex
   Repeat this step until you have a thick layer of toilet paper and latex
Step 3: file the toenails down so they are a little smaller and more rounded to look like teeth (this will take some time)
Step 4: apply a generous amount of spirit gum to the inside of the “tooth” and place them onto the part of the face you want them (I chose a full mouth, Jess chose half the mouth)
     I glued the “teeth” to the latex/toilet paper layer that was covering my lips so that it was above where my actual teeth were. However, the fake teeth are larger so they extend passed my actual teeth .
Step 5: Once all teeth have been set, cover with fake blood and let it dry
     cover as with blood a couple times and let it dry so that doesn’t turn pink.
Step 6: Apply the black face paint (we used Qtips to apply) to the roots of the teeth and across the deeper divots in the toilet paper.
To make the blood appear like it is dripping, we soaked a Qtip in blood and pushed it against our skin so it would run down our face or neck.
Warning: it will itch sometimes and you won’t be able to smile or eat… that is the only downside
When I was all done painting it, I had enough layers of toilet paper and latex to where I could peel the mask off in one piece and re-apply it the next day. It is a little harder to get it to stick the second time but it works! Always reapply blood right before you see your guests!



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