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Wedding Bells!

My gorgeous cousin Paige got married to her wonderful husband Timothy today! Lucky for me I was one of few that were invited to attend the ceremony! It was beautiful. Everything about it was perfect! The dress, the decorations, the cake, but most importantly, the bringing together of two people. What made this marriage so sweet was that Tim and Paige dated for years and met in high school. She also has a son that her husband is going to adopt. The three of them make the cutest family!
   My uncle performed the ceremony and said some things that I think really stood out. He talked about how marriage isn’t just for this life but for eternity if we want. We have to choose that though. Each day we choose each other and each day we work to strengthen our marriages. We are each different. But together we can be strong! I just love that don’t you?
Doesn’t Paige look AMAZING??? She is seriously the mot gorgeous bride! I grew up with her and couldn’t be more happy for her and her choice of husband!


It was the best day ever not only for Paige but because I got to see my family!!! If only my dad could have taken work off to be there 😦 but I am proud he works so hard to support us and allow us the time to take trips!

 My favorite people in the world!!!! How is it that I am the oldest and both my brothers are taller? Where was my tall gene?!?

 This brother of mine is just my best friend!

 This is our cute little cousin Julian!! The most loving, energetic little ball of cuteness around!

 My BEAUTIFUL mother and her amazing parents!!! These three make my heart leap out of my chest with love and gratitude!!!

 Cami is holding Paige’s son Greyson but these people are the glue that hold me together!



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