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Ya Filthy Animals

   So there is a festival every year in Spanish Fork Utah called Holi Festival of Colors, or in more common terms the color festival. My family happened to be in Utah so I drove down to see them! I have been to the color festival 4 times… 4 times too many in my mind! My siblings had never been and were dying to go! How could I say no to their sweet faces? So I got my mom to hand over some cash (like I would pay for all of us?) and we dressed in our worst clothes and headed out! My cousins came in a second car so it was bound to get wild!
     I don’t know if you have ever done the festival or a color run but it’s a great idea in your head and then afterwards, it’s more regret. You can’t breath, you have color in every orifice, and it takes forever to shower off! But we sure had a blast! I should probably win an award for being such an awesome big sister but that will most likely never happen…
    If you have never gone to this festival, its every year in March! This year it’s on March 26, 2016 in Spanish Fork, UT. They start throwing at 10am and every two hours after that! img_7294

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