A Sister in Zion

To my Friends

To my friends, this one is all for you!

Dear you,

The day you walked in to my life, I was forever changed. The moment you said hello, I knew you would influence my life. Even if it was going to be in the smallest way, you would make an impact. Because of you, I questioned who I am and what I do and why I do it. Because of you, I was forced out of my comfort zone and pushed and pulled into this new reality where I reside. Because of you, I wanted to try new things and go different places. Because of you, I was cared for and cherished in ways I hadn’t been before. You forgot a lot but you remembered more. You lifted and supported me when I was too weak to continue on my own.

The day you entered my life, I found a part of who I can be. In you, I found a piece of myself. A piece that only you could bring out. Without you, I wouldn’t be all that I am. I have learned from you. I have looked up and admired you. I have wanted to be you and experience life through your eyes. I have hoped to be what you are for me.

To you, my dear friend, you are the exact person I needed at the exact moment you stepped into my life.

I did not always recognize that. I took advantage of you. I argued and disagreed with you. I envied and hated you. I even said some hurtful things.

But…I made a secret promise to you. The day I met you, I promised to do all I can to be there for you. I promised to give you more than you have given me. I promised you I will screw up and fail miserably at times. I promised to push you to be your best self and reach for your potential. I promised to remind you of who you are when you forget. Most importantly of all,  I promised to be your friend.

So to you…. I am completely and unconditionally grateful for YOU!


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