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Rockin’ with RKDN

From left to right: New drummer and his wife (can’t remember their names), Matt, Clark, Clarks girlfriend Riley, Me, Paige, and her husband Tim!

Throwback to high school! I went to visit my cousin Paige in Utah and while I was there, we went and hung out with some of her friends she went to school with. Little did I know, they are some of the most talented guys I would meet! Clark, Matt, and Tim were all a part of a band at the time. I even went to a concert they had at a place called Velour Live Music Gallery in downtown Provo! Tim is married to my cousin Paige now! High school sweethearts!!! I even made a post just for their wedding!!!

This is the design on one of their t-shirts! Clark designed them if I remember correctly! Pretty cool huh?


Fast forward 6 years! They are on tour!!!! They created an EP (extended play) which just means they don’t have a full album yet but they have more than one song. So their tour consists of places like Salt Lake, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and even NEW YORK! They made a stop in good ol’ Rexburg Idaho!!!


So the band is a little different than it was in high school. Tim is no longer a member and they also have a new drummer that I don’t know. But the week they came to Rexburg, Tim ended up playing with them! So Paige called me up and I met up with her to watch them play! Boy was I impressed! These high school friends have grown sooooo much!!! I can’t believe how far they have come! Did I mention that they allowed me to take photos of them?? I even got on stage to get some of these shots!

Seriously guys!!! Go check them out!!!

Website: RKDN Music

Instagram: RKDN Music



Paige and I ended up matching… by complete accident!!! We grew up matching so why quit now right??IMG_1685IMG_1720IMG_1689

Literally OBSESSED with this filter… I have a problem…






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