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Miracle on the Mountain

My first Saturday off in months and it ends in catastrophe… Oh how our little snow mobile took a turn for the worse… (btw, this is a longer post)

At least I looked cute in my new overall snow pants right?!?!Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Okay so my father in law planned a family outing to take the snow mobiles out for the day! We packed our lunches, loaded up the sleds, shoved our gear in the trunk, and headed to West Yellowstone! The weather was warmer than freezing so it was bound to be a great day! After the two hour drive, we were ready to cruise! I got to drive my own sled which is a big deal since I have NEVER driven one on my own like that! Sure I have in a field with nothing around! But never on a trail with others around me… Other than being a little slow, I don’t think anyone noticed it was my first time!

We rode up a trail called Two Top which is just one giant loop up the mountain! It’s an easy ride and extremely beautiful! Other than a few stops for the boys to romp around off trail, we made it up without a hitch!

At the top… it’s a whole other story…

All three boys, my father in law, my husband, and brother in law, all have experience riding! I feel like that is an important side note to add in to this story! So like any experienced rider would, they were messing around and jumping off the snow banks! Everyone was having a grand time! Well Kurt got excited and while I was filming his jump, he looked at the camera to wave. Which caused him to lost sight of the landing… so when he landed, he didn’t stand up enough and his body hit the snow mobile pretty hard.

*I should also probably mention it was so foggy at the top! You couldn’t see very much but it cleared up on our way down the mountain!


I can’t upload the video (I need to upgrade my blog first…dumb!) But here is Kurt right after he landed wrong…


The rest of us just thought he got the wind knocked out of him. We were laughing and joking while Kegan went to check on him. Next thing we know mu husband is telling us to call 911 because he broke his back and can’t move. The next 10 minutes were very strange. We weren’t sure how we were going to get him off the mountain and he wasn’t about to call a helicopter in. The boys gave him a blessing and we managed to get him up on the back of snow mobile so his wife could drive him down. It took us 2 hours to get down… going 8 mph.

I have never seen someone suffer through that much pain and take it as well as he did. He didn’t get mad, or cuss, or scream. You know what he did the whole way down? He sang!!! He would sing the ABC’s so that he could distract himself from the excruciating pain.

Because we were going so slow I took a lot of pictures… all of which contain my in laws since I trailed them the whole way down! But the sun came out and it was so beautiful I couldn’t help it!!! I had to document these moments!


This is when my husband stopped the group to check on his dad and tell him that he and Karter were going to race down the rest of the way and call 911 so an ambulance would be we got down!



When my husband came to tell me the plans he caught me snapping photos… This is the ‘what the heck are you doing taking photos at a time like this’ stance! Haha I love this photo! He really wasn’t annoyed, just couldn’t understand why I was taking pictures! Boys… they will never understand the need to document life events!


We made it down!!! It took forever but he made it! He was whisked off to Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg where he had an MRI.


So he pulverized two vertebrae… They casted him for a shell and a brace and kept monitoring him for the first 4 days. The goal was to avoid surgery and let the body heal on its own. However, the Wednesday after the accident, the doctor realized things were not getting better on their own and he needed surgery. They opened up his side, removed a rib and collapsed a lung just to get to the portion of his back that needed the screws. He now has a couple ridiculously large screws and a little cage in his body… From there he was moved to ICU for a couple days! Good news is he is able to get up (with lots of help) and walk around!!! He came home Thursday the 23rd! Thank goodness! He is walking around with his walker and trying to build strength! Still a lot of pain… it’s going to be a long recovery.

Please keep him in your prayers! Thank you to all who have reached out to the family and been so kind and loving through all of this!



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