A Sister in Zion

Beauty is Dead




Isn’t it ironic how the world tries so hard to achieve what the dead already have?

Their skin doesn’t age. It doesn’t sag or grow spots. Their hair doesn’t split. Their eyes don’t lose their sight.

You worry about wrinkles. About cellulite and arthritis. You worry about the size of your lips and the

For what?

Why are we so obsessed with looking young at the age of 50? Why are we so infatuated with looking like a Kardashian?

Some of the most beautiful people I have ever met have smile lines around their mouths from laughing often! They have sun spots from sitting out and watching their children’s football game. They have faded hair because they would rather spend their money on a trip to visit family than getting their roots touched up.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or that’s what they say right?

Beauty isn’t a layer of makeup or the right size of hips. It isn’t the perfect beach wave curl or the best brand of shoes.

Beauty is the love a father has for his child. It’s the color of sunrise. It’s the laughter a family shares around the dinner table.

It’s found in the stretch marks on a mother’s stomach.

It can be found at any time and in any place. We just have to look below the surface.






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