Life Events

Miss to Mrs.


Syd’s getting married!!! And by Syd, I don’t mean me haha Syd B. is getting hitched on June 23rd to a wonderful man! That man just so happens to be none other than my husbands best friend, Tyler!

So what did we do? We threw her a bachelorette party!!!! Yes, it’s not close to the wedding date but everyone is going their separate ways this summer so we celebrated early!!!

Thanks to the wonderful Emma Benshoff, we had a beautiful pink pajama party theme with lots of fun games! We had donuts, cereal, orange juice, fruit kabobs, and of course lots of little treats and candies! So cute and so much fun!


Did it even happen if you didn’t take photos with props?!? Leslie and I were the only married girls there! IMG_2128

This game was freaking HARD! We had to try and get 10 peach rings on the stick before our teammate could try… my team placed 2nd! IMG_2126

Now just go get married… CAN’T WAIT!!!



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