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Take a Hike!

For some reason my family loves to hike. It’s kind of something we are always doing. Every trip we go on, my mom will find us a hike… sometimes it turns out lovely. Other times I debate calling myself a life flight out of there because I about die halfway through…

This time, I picked the hike! We went up to Roxborough State Park and it was actually pretty fun! There are a couple different hikes but we decided to stick with the one that was called Carpenter Peak. It was 6.4 miles long!

This was at the top of the hike! 3.2 miles in… 3.2 miles back!


I love being able to hike and see everything around me! Colorado hikes NEVER disappoint!!! IMG_2458IMG_2466

As we were walking up, we noticed a sign that said to watch out for cougars… so for a little while we debated who would be the best person to be sacrificed in case there was an attack. Let’s be real, we couldn’t live without mom.. and she would be able to fight the thing off she is so tough! Cami has her whole life left! Which left me… I’ve experienced enough so I guess I would have to take on for the team!

A little while after that talk, we heard something in the bushes! We all freaked out until we saw this cute little guy staring back at us!



One thought on “Take a Hike!

  1. I totally said I would sacrifice myself for my girls!! I’d try to kill the cougar first but I would never let it hurt my babies.


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