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A Hiking We Must Go

Memorial Day Weekend was one for the books!!! I wish it never had to come to an end! We spent the weekend in Steamboat Springs Colorado, a favorite vacation spot for me!

I invited a girl to come with me named Tatelyn. Before this weekend, we had never hung out! I met her a couple years ago in a class and then ran into her again at the bonfire from my last post. I thought she seemed fun so I invited her and she came! Super random right? Turns out I was right! I absolutely love her and we are going to be friends forever now!

We checked into our condo at 4 in the afternoon! The boys showed up about an hour later! Since we got there first, we took the big master bedroom 🙂

The first full day we were there was Saturday. We started the day with breakfast at my personal favorite, Winona’s. They have the biggest, best cinnamon rolls! A little too much frosting, but scrape some off and its delicious!!! Also, if you check in on FourSquare, you get a FREE cinnamon roll for the table!!! And trust me, one will feed the whole table!

After that we decided to hike Fish Creek Falls! When we pulled up, it started to rain… but that didn’t stop us! We stayed on the trail for a little while but decided to make things a little more interesting by making our own! The result? Amazing photos, incredible sights, muddy shoes and pants, slipping and falling down rocks, bruises and scrapes, and snow in my shoes…  WORTH IT!!!

After the hike, we changed and decided to explore town! It was still raining so we jumped from store to store. It’s the cutest little shopping town and Tatelyn found a super cute vest! After shopping, we decided to avoid the rain and went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie…the boys hated it! I mean, it’s pretty far fetched and ridiculous but I thought it was entertaining! I would never watch it again though, and would recommend waiting until it is out on Redbox.

We made dinner at the condo that night and then hit up the hot tub to finish up the day! Eventful, cold, and relaxing all in one day! I wish I could go back and relive it!



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