Life Events

The Scenic Route

Day two of Steamboat didn’t have rain!!! The sun came out and we were ready to get outdoors and soak it all up!

But first… church! We made it to a ward just down the street from our condo and I think about half the people in there were visitors! I forget how small wards can be outside of Rexburg haha but it was great!

After church, we had a wonderful breakfast made by Steve. Who by the way, knows his way around a kitchen!!! Then off to explore!

First stop, a ghost town! It was right off the highway but it was super cool and a little creepy! You could tell by the style that it was an old town. It always makes me wonder what happened to the people who lived there. I think if we had gone at night, I would have been creeped out!


They didn’t know I was taking these photos!

We decided to have a somewhat senior photoshoot as well… Mike easily had the best photo!

Still haven’t figured out what this belongs to…

Next stop, a hike to some hot springs! Its at some place called Radium Hot Springs near Kremmling Colorado. It’s only like a 20-30 minute hike and part of it is downhill so it’s not hard! You have to climb down to the hot spring which is right next to the river! I think we went at the wrong time of year… it was not a hot spring! The river is so high this time of year that it flows freely into the spring, making it freezing!


That didn’t stop us!!! Well… it stopped us from swimming but we still laid out and soaked up the sun! If it had just been us girls, we would have laid there for a lot longer but boys can’t sit still for very long…


Wrapped up the day with dinner at Brooklyn’s Pizzeria, a trip to Strawberry Park Hot Springs, and The Conjuring! Some of the guys had never seen it and boy were they freaked out! It’s easily my favorite scary movie!

Day two was a success!!!



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