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The Long Trek Home

I hate coming home from vacations… Going back to school is probably one of my least favorite things to do! Homework and exams don’t exist when I am traveling!

We all left pretty early in the day, right after a lunch at some Mexican restaurant. As Tatelyn and I were headed home, we stumbled across the greatest discovery of the weekend! The Craig Memorial Day Fair!!!!!! A FAIR! So what did we do? We pulled over, bought day passes, and hit the rides!

First up, the ride that spins super fast and you can crawl up and down the wall! We felt like giddy kids again!

So after the spinny ride, we decided to hit one called The Zipper… This is a ride where you sit in a padded cage that spins violently while the entire ride spins. So basically it’s the worst ride at the fair but we were so excited!!!! We couldn’t stop screaming the whole ride!

Once that ride finished, we hopped on the swings. Third spinning ride in a row… I have never gotten sick on rides before. Especially not on the swings. Half way through, I started feeling so queasy… So much so that I had to take a break from rides and get some water. After that short break, we decided to hit another ride that spins you backward and forward… why do pop up fairs always contain ONLY spinning rides? As soon as that ride started, we fought to keep our lunch in… that was the most brutal 3 minutes of my life haha we headed straight for a bench after and I sat with my head in my hands. It took all our will power just to get to the car!

I guess it’s safe to say we are too old for rides…

Next stop, Jackson Hole Wyoming!!! We were pretty hungry so we stopped at a little joint called Liberty Burger.

Boy was that delicious!!! We both ended up getting the Wild West  burger with fries (sweet potato for me) and a shake to share! Most satisfying meal to end our adventurous day!

As the weekend came to a close, I need to give a couple shout outs!

First, Tatelyn! Such a trooper for coming on a trip where you didn’t know anybody!

Second, Pat! Coming in clutch with the cash and driving us around everywhere!

Jason! For all the interesting facts and good conversation!

Mikey: for the humor and sarcasm as always!

And last, Steve! For planning the best weekend, making the best food, and for all the crazy good memories! Couldn’t have done it without you!!





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