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Hicks Honey 🐝

Okay so I’m on my LAST semester of school!!!!! And really I couldn’t be happier! It is bitter sweet but I’ll get more into that when I blog about graduation! Today, I wanna share with you an experience I’ve had this semester!

I’m in a Campaigns class called Comm 435. In this class we are divided into groups. Each group is given a client in the Rexburg/Idaho Falls area and asked to work on some sort of campaign for them! My group and I are working for a man by the name of Ward Hicks. He is a professor on campus, teaching Public Relations, and he also has a more hidden talent! He is a Master Beekeeper! As a group, we met with Mr. Hicks and realized that this was going to be more of a rebranding and expansion campaign of his side business, Hicks Honey!

This is easily the most fun I’ve ever had doing homework! We have changed up parts of his website, marketed his beekeeping classes, redesigned his logo, and so much more! Friday, we were able to go to the Rexburg Farmers Market to help promote, sell, and research! It may have been rained out after a couple hours but we had a blast!

For those in the Rexburg/Idaho Falls area, YOU WANT HIS HONEY!!!!!! I have never had better tasting honey! I plan on stocking up so when I move back home I will have some! He will be at the Rexburg Farmers Market again next week too so DON’T miss out!!!

Also, if you haven’t heard of Blue Bison Apparel, you are missing out!!! These hats were only $12 and freaking cute! It’s my new go-to and I think we pulled them off pretty well! Don’t you? 


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