A Sister in Zion

The Most Peculiar Advice

Well now that it’s out that I am in a relationship. I felt like it would be a good time to talk about some advice that I have received from my leaders, friends, and family! I think this advice is important for not only me and my situation, but for everyone who is looking to get married!

The first is to just do it right. In the Mormon religion, we believe in waiting until we are married to be intimate with another. And I will admit that it is hard. Our bodies have all these crazy hormones that play a huge part in wanting to be intimate. And those feelings are good! They are natural and we shouldn’t feel like we are sinning by having those feelings or temptations. The problem comes when we act on them. Intimacy is sacred and beautiful. It is something that brings two people closer. So we wait to share that with our eternal companion! Take it from someone who has been married, it is worth the wait!!!

By doing it right, I think my leader meant that it is so important to follow the same steps as before I was married. Date, get to know each other, have those hard discussions, and wait until we are married so that I can be married and sealed in the temple.

The second, have those hard discussions. I made a post last week about this in Asking the Tough Questions. In that post, I offer some examples of questions we can ask our significant other to really dive deep. This is important because we need to know who we are dating and who we are going to marry. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that you feel you need the answer to! If you love who you are with, you will be open and willing to talk about the things that will affect a marriage and relationship.

The third piece of advice is the most peculiar. I was told to look into marriage counseling before I get married. Or re-married in my case. My dad has mentioned this before but hearing it from a Stake President made it stick just a little more. It may seem like weird advice but as I got to thinking about it, it became something I really want to do.

A marriage counselor isn’t there to just listen to problems, they are there to teach. Going before I get married, with my future spouse, will allow us to learn new skills that will better our relationship and marriage. It will allow us to get to know each other on a deeper level. It could also help us see where each of us are strong or weak and how we can help each other in those areas. I plan of taking this advice very seriously!

I know this isn’t much, but they are some pretty important words of counsel. Things we should listen to so that we can have strong relationships and marriages! Divorce is too common and hopefully, these little steps can help people take a deeper look at their relationships and make the marriage decision more confidently!


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