A Sister in Zion

A Desensitized Generation

Okay guys I know this is a common topic but I just felt like I needed to add my two sense. What is the heck is wrong with the world today? Why is there soft core porn all over the place??

Today I was on Snapchat, which I use daily by the way, and I just got so fed up. Here are giant pictures of the Kardashians giant booty’s and other half naked women. Then there are titles like “Best Cities for Sex-Positive Women” and “The Ultimate Sex Position Guide”. Say what?!?!

I get the each social media site is trying to stay in the limelight but I think companies take it a little far when the only way to escape what they are shoving down my throat is by deleting the app!

Moms, listen up! I am fully aware of all the nasty and horrible sites out on the internet that are so easy for kids to access. Heck, you can watch it on your own TV because all those channels come in those packages you purchase. But did you know they can see everything they want on social media? That’s right! All kinds of photos and videos are all over Facebook and Pinterest. Don’t even get me started on Instagram! You don’t even have to be following a person so see all of that…

Kids are slowly being desensitized by social media, movies, commercials, and all sorts of things. And the worst part is, you can’t really do much to prevent it. You’re not going to lock them in a closet! It’s EVERYWHERE!

So why am I talking about this?

I think it is so incredibly important to understand and teach our boys and girls what getting addicted to those kinds of things do. It’s time to teach our kids the true depth of how much porn affects the body and soul.

It changes the brain! Not just a little bit but drastically. Viewing those kinds of things rewires the brain so that one no longer feels intimacy with real people. And it takes an incredibly long time (a year ish) to rewire again so that it is no longer this overpowering, soul sucking addiction.

Not only does it affect the viewer, but it affects those around them. Especially their spouse and kids. To a spouse who loves and trusts you, it can be a real slap in the face. It’s not physical but it sure is emotional cheating.

Women by nature are more emotional. It’s just a fact! So when a spouse is looking at something like that, it hurts. It can destroy a woman’s confidence, trust, love, and life. A woman might start questioning why she can’t satisfy her husbands needs or how she can possibly compete with those types of women. They start to fear every time their husband is in another room with an electronic device because she can’t see what he is doing. And the same goes for husbands who are married to a woman with an addiction.


It’s this virus that creeps and sticks its claws deep into your soul. I have seen so many marriages fail because of this kind of addiction. Not too long ago, I was talking to a distant relative of mine who suffers from a drug and alcohol addictions. He said that of all the addictions, he is so grateful he does not have that one. He said that the recovery process is so much harder because it is virtually inescapable.

So to all of you out there, STAY AWAY! Don’t even look once. You have no idea the kind of imprint it leaves on the mind. Once seen, it can never be unseen. It is a painful, twisted, and devastating addiction. Please, never let yourself get sucked into the billion dollar industry of filth!

You will not come out unscathed.

For more information on what it does a person, visit pornkillslove.com




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