A Sister in Zion

To My Baby Brother

I remember the day you were born. I was wearing those uncomfortable yellow gel sandals with a sunflower dress. I was so excited to hold you in my arms and smoosh your little face. You’re tiny little head covered in red hair confused me a little bit but I loved you. You made me a big sister.

You were my best friend from day one! I made you cry and I made you laugh. I created imaginary worlds for the two of us to run away to on a rainy Seattle day. I helped make you lunch before school because I am your big sister.

We directed plays, ran with dinosaurs, and barely escaped the lava with our lives. You imitated me, I picked on you. When we moved, I didn’t have any friends but I was okay because I had you. We were forced to adapt and change but our relationship never did, it only grew. I protected you because I am your big sister.

I never noticed our age difference until I was living in another state and you were still at home. I missed so much of your life. From birthdays to graduation, I could only be there in spirit. You accomplished so much and it broke my heart not being there. I wanted to always be there for you because I am your big sister.

Life took a few nasty turns for the two of us. And we suffered through them in silence for so long. When life hit us just a little too hard, you were the first person I wanted to talk to. We talked, I cried, and we held onto each other, hoping to mend our broken hearts. I wanted to take away your struggles because I am your big sister.

The time came for you to join me at school. I couldn’t wait to spend time with you. Life was crazy and we both had a lot going on but the best moments were with you. We didn’t do much but I knew you were always there and that’s what mattered most. I dropped anything I had to see you because I am your big sister.

I have loved you every day since the day you were born. And I will love you every day for the rest of eternity. You have brought tears to my eyes and made my stomach cramp with all our laughter. You got me busted with mom and dad more times than I can count. I will be forever grateful for you because you are my baby brother.

I LOVE YOU CHASE! (p.s. I meant to have this written by your birthday but I suck… forgive me?)



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