Life Events

A Long Time Coming

Getting divorced changed a lot for me. It changed the way I think, the future I want, the things I expect from myself and others. It opened my mind to possibility and growth. Although painful, it was also freeing. It allowed me the freedom to recognize my strengths, weaknesses, and desires. I was able to find the parts of me that I lost along the way. And as crazy as it sounds, it reminded me who I wanted in my life to help me move forward.

Turning to Steve after everything  was the best decision I could have made. Not only did I feel like I had a strong ally and friend, but I had a future. And my future is with him! Steve and I are getting MARRIED!!!! Over the 4th of July weekend, while we were visiting his family in Oregon, he proposed!!! Can you believe it?! When I announced we were dating, sooo many people told me they knew we would end up together. Why is it that everyone but me figured that out a long time ago?!?

The road to where I am now has been bumpy. I have taken many turns and detours. At times it felt like I was dragging myself through the fiery pits of Hell. But you know what? I wouldn’t take it back. I wouldn’t take back any of the decisions I made because it led me to right where I needed to be. It prepared me for this time in my life. Steve may have been ready years ago to marry me but I wasn’t. For some reason, I needed to take the hard route. But it was the route that led me to my decision to marry him, even after everything he and I have been through, and I can’t help but find peace in the journey.

By now you are probably wondering how it happened right? Well here it is! We drove a painstakingly long way to Ashland Oregon last weekend for the 4th of July. That’s where he is from and we were spending the weekend with his family. One of the days we were there, he took me up to Mount Ashland. From the very top, it’s gorgeous! You can see everything from up there!


It’s kind of fitting that he asked up there. He is outdoorsy and I enjoy scaring him by getting close to the edge of cliffs. Although I didn’t do anything this time! I wasn’t expecting him to ask while we were there. I didn’t even know he had the ring. He started talking about our us a little and I had that nagging sensation that this could be the moment. Turns out I was right!

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

For those who don’t know me, I suck at showing emotions. I get awkward and never react the way people want me to… I think I might have had a disappointing reaction because all I could do was smile and say yes. Poor guy probably thought I wasn’t excited at all but my heart was beating fast and I was getting awkward. My tell tale signs of happiness!

It wasn’t over the top. It was sweet and simple and just being there with him in that moment meant more to me than any giant proposal could have. The love I have for Steve grows every second of every day. I find myself falling more in love with every witty comeback, adorable quirk, and mischievous grin. He is, in every possible way, the best man I could ever choose to spend the rest of eternity with. And I can’t wait for that to start!

Future Mrs. Jorgensen sounds pretty good to me! Don’t you agree?




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