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Let Freedom Ring

The Fourth of July is my FAVORITE holiday! Why? I can’t quite decide that… it feels like the ultimately perfect day. A parade to start the day off. Swimming or hanging out and enjoying the sun. A BBQ with too much food. And a dazzling firework show to top it off! What could be better?

This year, that question was answered! This year I got to spend it with my fiancé (I love that!) and his family! Steve and I drove to Ashland Oregon to spend the holiday with his parents and a couple of his siblings! The whole weekend was full of non stop fun and crazy kids. I don’t think I slept in past 8:30 any of the days I was there… and for a college student like me, that’s early! Especially while on vacation!


We didn’t get in until around dinner time so we went out to this sushi place with his parents and niece Kamilah. I strongly dislike fish so I ordered teriyaki and it was to die for!!!


We spent the morning with his brother Chris and his family. Steve and Chris worked on some stuff on the house while I played with the kids. And boy do they know how to play! What is it with little kids and never running out of energy? I could barely keep up! That afternoon, we walked around town with Steve’s mom and Kamilah. Kamilah’s family came later that night so we had a big dinner and got to play around with all the kids!


Since it was Sunday, we went to church! I got to meet a lot of people who love and adore Steve and the rest of the family. After church, we got ready and headed over to Chris’s house for dinner! You know what I love about this family? They can all cook! I may have stuffed my face a little this weekend… After dinner, we headed over to Riley and Jeremy’s house! They have been friends with Steve for years and I met them a couple years back when I visited before.


There is this guy, Harry, who Steve grew up with. He was like a grandpa figure to him. I met Harry a couple years ago and he was the sweetest man who just adored Steve. Well a month ago he passed away so we attended a small, intimate service to scatter his ashes with the people he was closest to. I didn’t know him well but from what I gathered, he was loved by all who knew him. He was the kind of guy people look up to and admire! He will be greatly missed!

Later that afternoon, we went boating for a hot second and then took off to take some engagement photos! Don’t worry, I will be posting those soon enough!


THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!! We woke up and rushed off to get ready for the parade! Steve’s parents had created a float to promote and they won 1st place in Religious Entries!!! Steve and I watched most of the parade before we were needed at the float. I never thought I would end up in a parade in a city I am not from but I did and it was entertaining to say the least!


Can we talk about how gorgeous these kids are?!?! Kamilah has the red headband on in the photo above. To her right are her sisters Emmelie and Merritt!


This is when we were on the float! I sat with Merritt on my lap and Sebastian  next to me! We baked alive but it was a good time!


After the parade, we all went and explored the booths and grabbed food in Lithia Park. I couldn’t believe how stinkin’ hot it was outside! Thank heavens Steve and I ended up at an old friends pool party. It was a relief to cool off for a little while!

When the evening rolled around, we had a family BBQ and a couple of friends joined us! Again with the food… I just couldn’t get enough! Fun fact! I dislike chips…. but I am obsessed with Cheetos! So what did Steve’s mom do? Made sure there was a giant bag for me! I think I fell in love with her a little bit more when I saw those!!!

The firework show was amazing!!! We sat right below where they shot off and could hear the music in the background. What are your favorite fireworks? Mine are the super glittery ones! Or the ones that shoot off the ground like a water fountain!


Kamilah, Emmelie, and Pryce! I love sparklers but sometimes I just get nervous handing them to small children…


Can we talk about the fact that he is gonna make a dang good dad?!?!


I felt so lucky to spend my favorite holiday with my future family that I love so much! I have never felt more at home! It’s like I have just always been a part of the family!


Also… Steve has these freaking awesome America Boots! The ones from the cover photo! He wanted a cool shot of them with the fireworks in the background so we tried our best to pull that off… Here is how we saw the photo and how everyone else saw us taking it… haha the things we do for the perfect photo!



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