A Sister in Zion

A Desensitized Generation

Okay guys I know this is a common topic but I just felt like I needed to add my two sense. What is the heck is wrong with the world today? Why is there soft core porn all over the place?? Today I was on Snapchat, which I use daily by the way, and I… Continue reading A Desensitized Generation

A Sister in Zion

The Most Peculiar Advice

Well now that it's out that I am in a relationship. I felt like it would be a good time to talk about some advice that I have received from my leaders, friends, and family! I think this advice is important for not only me and my situation, but for everyone who is looking to… Continue reading The Most Peculiar Advice

A Sister in Zion

So There’s This Guy

Okay guys... if there was any time to judge, it would be now. I have accepted that by going public with this, I am opening myself up to a lot more ridicule. However, I also feel like I have been open with all of you and I want to continue doing that! I am actually… Continue reading So There’s This Guy

A Sister in Zion

Responses from Questions

Thank you guys for reaching out and asking questions! I have been going over these all weekend and have finally figured out how I want to respond... So what was it like growing up Mormon as a teenager? Growing up Mormon was both easy and hard. I grew up in a home where the gospel… Continue reading Responses from Questions

A Sister in Zion

This One’s for YOU

I have been writing a lot on topics that I enjoy or feel the need to talk about. However, I felt like it would be a good idea to reach out to you guys and see what you wanted to know. So using this as an open forum, what is it you would like to… Continue reading This One’s for YOU

A Sister in Zion

Asking the Tough Questions

Okay guys I found this amazing book the other day when I was organizing my desk! It's called "So You Want to Get Married" by Nick Sanchez. I think one of my aunts gave it to me a long time ago but I never got around to reading it! And now that I have... I can't believe… Continue reading Asking the Tough Questions

Life Events

Hicks Honey 🐝

Okay so I'm on my LAST semester of school!!!!! And really I couldn't be happier! It is bitter sweet but I'll get more into that when I blog about graduation! Today, I wanna share with you an experience I've had this semester! I'm in a Campaigns class called Comm 435. In this class we are… Continue reading Hicks Honey 🐝

A Sister in Zion

Looking Inward

I have loved being able to share my experiences and life events with all of you! It has helped me process my thoughts, understand some bigger concepts, and heal. This has also been a big learning experience for me as well. I have learned more about the gospel, more about some of you, and more… Continue reading Looking Inward

A Sister in Zion

One of Many

I have noticed something. And I know I am not the only one who has noticed this. With me coming out about my divorce, I have received a lot of feedback from a lot of different people. I have had people reach out that I haven't spoken to in years, some who I have never… Continue reading One of Many

A Sister in Zion

Back in the Game

Can I just say one thing? Dating is intimidating!!! I don't know how I used to do it or how all of my friends do it every day! If you haven't guessed, I went on my first date!!!! Well since my life changed! And boy did it feel weird for about the first hour! I… Continue reading Back in the Game